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[Visionaries] Re: dotnet platform support / gnu config.sub (long)

From: Ben Elliston
Subject: [Visionaries] Re: dotnet platform support / gnu config.sub (long)
Date: 15 Oct 2003 11:41:55 +1000
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Cc's pruned a bit.

> BJE, what do you get from the discussion?

Sorry, I'm a little new to .net, having only read about it in a
cursory manner in publications.  I am applying my understanding of
Java, so if I am missing the point at all, please let me know.

My understanding was that various compilers generate the .net IL and
that it is executed in a virtual machine environment like Java.  So
the question I have is: why do you need the target to encompass the
language used at the front-end?  The tool, say, a GNU C compiler,
would be built to target the .net VM and its corresponding machine
specification and that would be that, right?  The triplets are used to
identify hosts and specify targets.  I don't see how languages enter
into it.


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