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[Visionaries] Linux will Prevail with this method as it is free

From: Thinker Tank
Subject: [Visionaries] Linux will Prevail with this method as it is free
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 23:45:20 -0800 (PST)

I am a windows C# Programmer, whats the use if dotGNU programs wont 
compile on Visual Studio .Net. It should be write one compile anywhere.

I would love to give my clients programs that run on Linux, But ...

I scare away my clients from Linux, just because I cant write programs 
in Linux.

Now, If U give me dotGNU assemblies completely written in VS.Net that 
do not require anything else installed on my Clients machines and can be 
packaged in .Net only setup for windows then I promise that I would 
never again ever use anything other than dotGNU. Because that will enable me to 
tell my clients to use Linux and use the same tried and tested programs, which 
I will compile in Linux for them.

Now, if that is done; U should let me compile the same code in Linux in 
native format such that the programs wont require any virtual machine 
while running on Linux. This seems like step back from Java but with 
that I can tell my Clients that our programs run faster on Linux.

U should do the above because that will give Developers an economic 
option to let their clients use Linux while they slowly and completely 
move towards Linux. And no matter how much Microsoft modifies C# U wont 
have to worry because all the windows programmers will be using will be 
dotGNU wrappers that just wrap around .NET and match exactly to those on linux 
which can be just updated to use latest C# features.

For Example; Microsoft creates a major C# upgrade that is very 
important and promotes as a must upgrade for Developers. Then all dotGNU has to 
do is release dotGNU2.0 which uses these features on Windows platform and at 
the same time mimics those changes in dotGNU for Linux if they are so important.

I want to write programs for Linux but I don’t want to leave comfort 
of my IDE that I am used to. So there goes the biggest problem in 
adapting Linux. So what can U do about it? Logically its easy. If U create a 
compiler to compile the IL file generated by VS.Net into native executables 
that can run on Linux with out a Virtual Machine then rest will be history.

I am a professional software developer who is not interested in 
stepping on many boats at the same time. We should be able to write programs 
for Linux in VS.Net such that they will run on our clients windows machine 
without any additional components other that create in VS.Net such as 
dotGNU.Dll. dotGNU.Dll can be just a wrapper on MS.Net such that the code will 
directly compile on Linux without any modifications.

That makes too much sense to me from my windows worlds if that happens 
all Microsoft can do is sit back and watch the show as all client of 
all MS Developers rush to Linux.

The point is u do whatever u want in Linux but just create parallelly 
the same classes around MS.Net.

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