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[Visionaries] handlers and modules

From: Rein Petersen
Subject: [Visionaries] handlers and modules
Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 09:22:42 -0400

Hi All,
I'm a .Net programmer with an interest in writing "portable" code.
I've considered Mono but am losing faith in it's portability based
on what I think will be issues of indemnity over copyright.

With that said, I'm impressed with the ideals of the dotGnu project and I
share a revulsion for ASP.NET and  anything that is proprietary. I  don't
even care much for "so-called" web services because I write my own services
in my own way using Handlers and Modules. I use handlers to handle web
requests for file types (I have a custom handler for *.xml, one for *.xsd,
and so on) and I use Modules to implement my own security.

My question to this mailing list is this: does dotGnu support handlers
and/or modules in it's DGEE server, and if not, are there any plans to do

While I'm at it, I might as well field some other questions I have about

 1. Is there a dotGnu mod module for Apache (or plans for one)
    that allows the programming of handlers/modules?

 2. Is there a consice list of  classes that I can use if I want to
    write "portable" code, and if so, where?

 3. If I compile C# code to IL using dotGnu's compiler, will it run on
    my windoze box with the 1.1 .net framework?

 4. If I compile dotGnu-compliant C# code (that is code that uses
    only libraries available in dotGnu) to IL using M$' csc, will it run
    on a linux box with dotGnu runtime?

 4. Can I write services with dotGnu?

 5. Does dotGnu System.Windows.Forms perform any better than
    Java Swing interfaces do (on Windoze they're slow and klugey)?

 6. Am I alone in thinking that the ECMA CLI in concert with an
   opensource standard for extended classes will allow portable
   programs to be written that can bridge the application gap that
   stops Linux from penetrating the desktop market (as Java failed
   to do because of it's klugey slowness on Windows)?

:) Thanks, Rein

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