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[Visionaries] Help wanted to design the 1st dynamic C# language

From: Mark Hahn
Subject: [Visionaries] Help wanted to design the 1st dynamic C# language
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 01:43:13 -0700

I'd like to announce the birth of the first dynamic computer language to
include the capabilities of the C# language. It is called PyCs (pronounced
"pie-cees").   See  

The PyCs community needs people who know C# well and language design
principles to join the PyCs design effort.  All that is required it so
subscribe to the PyCs mailing list.  See below.

Like IronPython (, PyCs is a Python-like language
( on the .Net/CLI but it will have more advanced features
than Python and probably have higher performance than IronPython due to a
Psyco-like implementation technique (,

PyCs is a fusion of Python and C#. It is the first Python-like dynamic
language with all the capabilities of C# including the capabilities of the
research language C-Omega ( including
the X# language features
( that embed
XML/SQL support directly in the language. At the same time PyCs keeps all
the advantages of the Python language and the Python way. 

PyCs will not be source compatible with either C# or Python but code could
be ported from either one easily.

PyCs is being developed by Mark Hahn who developed Prothon.  PyCs grew out
of the initial efforts to port Prothon to .Net.  For an explanation of why
the Prothon port to .Net turned into a whole new language, see

PyCs is just now starting development and will be developed using the same
XP-like language design process used to develop Prothon. This process will
use the PyCs mailing list to design the language where Mark acts as
moderator and implements the language in real-time as the ideas are worked
out. He will be working on PyCs full-time and drive the development just as
he did with Prothon.

Please join the PyCs team.  The only effort involved is particpating in a
low-traffic, high-content, mailing list.  You will be able to influence the
design of the latest and greatest dynamic language. Knowledgable
contributors from both the Python community and the C# community are needed
to make this fusion effort work.

-- Mark Hahn,

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