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[Dr-geo] GUI Project

From: Gurjot Singh
Subject: [Dr-geo] GUI Project
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2014 22:31:41 +0530

In the project ideas, it is written that the drgeo's code uses c++ and
wxlibrary and we need to rewrite the GUI part using C/Vala programming
language and GTK+ widgets toolkit. But I want to point out that the
1.1.0 version already uses GTK.
So I think we'll just need to rewrite GUI using Vala and GTK+.

Also what about Genie? How does that stand in your point of view?

Gurjot Singh
Blog: http://bhattigurjot.wordpress.com

"You do not need a Leader. You never did. System made you believe you
needed one. Self-Education. No more rules."

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