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[Dr-geo] Pane not visible by default

From: Gurjot Singh
Subject: [Dr-geo] Pane not visible by default
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2014 21:01:55 +0530

Currently with the default settings of the drgeo, the Pane that shows
the tree list of the items in the figure, has been pushed to the
extreme left of the window. And if the user is not aware about it
he/she may completely miss it. I, myself missed it at first and if not
for the documentation I would never have discovered it.

According to me the Pane must be visible by default to make the user
aware about its existence. And he/she can collapse it if they want as

I just want your opinions regarding this before I implement it.

Gurjot Singh
Blog: http://bhattigurjot.wordpress.com

"There's no certainity - only opportunity."

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