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[Dr-geo] Latest Guile configuration

From: Gurjot Singh
Subject: [Dr-geo] Latest Guile configuration
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2014 21:44:21 +0530

I'm working on configuring drgeo to work with latest guile version,
i.e 2.0.11 instead of 1.6.x it is currently using.
Since 2.0.11 is not available as a binary package, I had to manually
compile it myself.

But moving on, when running make command, I got the make error "fatal
error: guile/gh.h: No such file or directory". This was expected since
now we use <libguile.h> instead of <guile/gh.h> and I replaced that
but now I am receiving "fatal error: libguile.h: No such file or
This should not occur because the path to the guile,
"/usr/local/include/guile/2.0" is already set to GUILE_CFLAGS.
I checked the MakeFile and it shows that GUILE_CFLAGS indeed has the
correct path.

I found the alternative to make it work by explicitly passing this
path as a option to the ./configure step.
"./configure --includedir=/usr/local/include/guile/2.0/"

But this is not the correct way I think. GUILE_CFLAGS is being used to
compile but I don't understand why it is not working.

Any help would be appreciated.

Gurjot Singh
Blog: http://bhattigurjot.wordpress.com

"There's no certainty - only opportunity."

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