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[Dr. Geo] How do I name an angle?

From: H. Hirzel
Subject: [Dr. Geo] How do I name an angle?
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2023 15:24:47 +0000

Hello Dr-Geo

Is it possible - besides indicating the size in degrees - to name an angle?


| sketch a b c segAB segAC|
sketch := DrGeoSketch new.
sketch scale: 100.
a := sketch point: 0 @ 0.
a name: 'A'.
b := sketch point: -1 @ 1.
b name: 'B'.
c := sketch point: 1 @ 1.5.
c name: 'C'.
sketch angle:  c to: a to: b.
segAB := sketch segment: a to: b.
segAC := sketch segment: a to: c.
sketch gridOn


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