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[Dragora-members] Roadmap for Dragora 3.0 -beta2?

From: Matias Fonzo
Subject: [Dragora-members] Roadmap for Dragora 3.0 -beta2?
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 2020 18:31:34 -0300
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Hi Folks!,

Sorry for the delay with this email. As some of you already know, a new son was born (Federico). Not to mention that I've been trying to get settled in a new part of the house, I'm still on the subject of painting and other things. Adding to the Pandemic sometimes complicates things. In spite of all this, I always try to give continuity to the project. :-)

The baby is already 2 months old and some days, in those months I have improved the chroot environment, because if you entered with the x86_64 architecture for the i586 architecture bootstrap, it gave the wrong architecture. This was solved for the package names but not internally, important.

I was working hard and making changes to the installer, bugs or improvements suggested by Michael Siegel. In Qi, we now have version 2.1 with a better interface and behavior. :-)

Currently Dragora is moving to GCC10, there are things that don't work or compile, so I'm trying to solve those issues, for now I've started at 00-core.order. Previously I have been improving Dragora's performance and security.

In the course I am replacing some unplanned things, like the libelf library by the real elfutils.

Also, I will see of introducing IWD (the Intel Wireless Daemon) to improve connman and to offer better option for the user at the time of connecting to Internet.

For the -beta2 you have to complete Trinity Desktop by adding a web browser. Seamonkey, or the libre version of this, would be fine. If anyone has more information (to refresh) about this, please write. :-)

Some adjustments have to be made in the Dragora installer so that it can search for packages, series and offer them to the user for installation. At the moment I think I will omit the selection of package-by-package, since there were several changes for Qi and package names, you have to put a lot of detail and attention, energy to make this part go well. I think it's more than enough that the user is offered a complete installation, or can at least select the series of packages, since the packages can be removed later.. at least for now.

I would like to improve the support in Mesa, the drivers it offers (radeonsi), which needs LLVM. That the graphics part does not work in a libre distribution can be a bit frustrating...

I think that updating everything and incorporating more complete things and making the modifications mentioned and that correspond, we can already have the -beta2. It sounds easy, but it implies a task. I hope everything goes well.

Also, I take this opportunity to touch on the theme of the website, I know that Michael is preparing some important changes in the navigation menu, but I would like to see if we can add some content, for example, add the announcements of the releases of Qi, and start making a FAQ. Try to collect the questions that are asked on IRC, or ask new general but important questions.

Any help is welcome.  :-)

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