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[Dragora-members] Dragora Handbook: Structural draft

From: Michael Siegel
Subject: [Dragora-members] Dragora Handbook: Structural draft
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2020 00:24:32 +0200
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Hi everyone,

below is a (still relatively rough) draft for the structure of the
future Dragora Handbook. It is mainly based on work I've done on the
Devuan project a while back.[1]

Let me know what you think.



The Dragora GNU/Linux-Libre [MAJOR VERSION].x.y Handbook


The latest version of this document may be found at [URL]





  * What this document is and does/offers
  * Available formats (provide links)
  * Versioning scheme/Revisions
      * Pointer to Appendix: Revision history (Changelog)
  * How this document is structured (short, pointer to TOC)
  * Typographical (and possibly other) conventions, either directly or
    via pointer to Appendix

### Part A: About

I. About Dragora

  I.1 An Introduction to Dragora GNU/Linux-Libre

    * What is Dragora?
      * [Improved version of the current intro from the website here]
    * Free Software
    * GNU, Linux, and Linux-libre
      * Explain Linux, Linux distro, Linux-libre, GNU/Linux, but
        keep it short, maybe with references to more in-depth coverage.
      * Explain why Dragora GNU/Linux-Libre uses a capital L in "Libre".
    * Why Dragora?
    * Dragora's history
    * Current maintainers

  I.2 Dragora at a glace (quick overview)

### Part B: Setting up a Dragora system

II. Getting Dragora

  * All about downloading, verification and creating bootable
    installation media

III. Installing Dragora

  * Hint: If don't have bootable medium already, goto II.
  * Pros and cons of the two methods

  III.1 Using dragora-installer

  III.2 Installing the system manually

IV. Post-installation setup (basic system configuration)

  * Covers configuring all important things on a basic level
  * Provides pointers to more in-depth coverage in other chapters

### Part C: Working with Dragora

  * "Working with Dragora" primer?

?. Package Management

  * All about Qi and Qire, and a bit about Graft, too
    * Maybe just copy the Qi User Guide.

  * Dragora package management primer
    * Basically, how to do common stuff, in a nutshell
  * More detailed explanation of concepts
  * Binary package management in more detail
  * Building and maintaining custom packages

?. Using third-party software (Make this an appendix?)

  * Some notes and recommendations
  * Be careful not to violate FSF standards here.

?. General system maintenance

  * Keeping Dragora up to date
  * Logging
  * cron jobs to handle things automatically on a schedule
  * Hardware checking

?. Networking

## Additional chapters

?. Getting support [Because "getting" makes clear who the receipient of
   that support is going to be: the user.]

?. Contributing to Dragora

  * Reporting Bugs etc. (see current "Report a bug" page)

?. Appendix

  * A Typographic conventions (if it's gonna be in the appendix)
  * B Revision history
  * C List of Dragora Mirrors
  * D Information about the authors of this Handbook
  * E Acknowledgments
  * F The Handbook's license (if it's gonna be in the appendix)


[1] https://friendsofdevuan.org/doku.ph/devuan_doc:manual:1_jessie:start


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