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Re: [Dragora-users] Proposal: flexible script to create different images

From: Matías Fonzo
Subject: Re: [Dragora-users] Proposal: flexible script to create different images
Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2022 13:24:45 -0300
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El 2022-08-02 00:57, DustDFG escribió:
On Mon, Aug 1, 2022 at 7:50 PM Matías Fonzo <selk@dragora.org> wrote:

Sorry, I had not seen this email before.

What is it about?

It is about splitting stage. The commit [1] split the stage 1 for two
stages. The commit description explains how. So the stage one can be a
base for temporary sytem that on stage 2 adds build programs or for
the minimal system where we can add qire and other programs if needed

OK. Consider that in this case, building only stage 1 is useless without the next stage, where everything must be adjusted for the build of the final system. If you want a minimal working system then that is what I tried to discuss earlier. Honestly, I don't see much practicality in doing: ./bootstrap -s0 && ./bootstrap -s1 && ./bootstrap -s2 ...

[1] https://notabug.org/dustdfg/dragora/commit/bd11424884cb2337294b8a42e4d4e1e2443a9845

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