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[Duplicity-announce] Version 0.5.13 Released

From: Kenneth Loafman
Subject: [Duplicity-announce] Version 0.5.13 Released
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 12:36:39 -0500
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Lots of changes, chief of which is that --use-agent was added to the
options so you can now use signed or unsigned keys and multiple keys as
long as there is a gpg-agent or equivalent running on the system.  This
should help those with high security needs.

You can download the new duplicity from:

If the mirrors do not have it, this is the direct link.


New in v0.5.13 (2009/03/26)
Add more error detection to FTP backend.

Fix backends so sleep does not occur after last retry.

Fix so BackendException does not cause traceback except when
verbosity is at level 5 or higher (Info level).

Adjust log levels so some errors show up with default verbosity.

Fixed bug where an extra comma caused a traceback during a warning
about unnecessary sig files.  Plus fixed print so the real filename
would show up and not a Python object representation.

Add Changelog.GNU to website and distribution to add a bit of detail
showing the CVS changes via rcs2log.  Added dist/mkGNUChangelog.sh.

bug #22908: Don't block gpg-agent

To fix the above, --use-agent was added as a command line option.
When this is specified and asymetric encryption is enabled, then all
GnuPG passphrases will come from the gpg-agent or equivalent program
and no passphrase prompt will be issued.

bug #25787: Usernames with escaped @-sign are not handled properly

bug #25976: Password requested when not needed.

patch #6787: import duplicity.GnuPGInterface explicitly

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