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[Duplicity-announce] Duplicity 0.6.06 Released

From: Kenneth Loafman
Subject: [Duplicity-announce] Duplicity 0.6.06 Released
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 15:30:15 -0600
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It's been a couple of hectic months, but I did get enough time to apply
all the changes, test it, fiddle with it, and release it.  Here it is,
and its mostly a bug-fix release with one or two enhancements.

You can download the latest and greatest from:


New in v0.6.06 (2009/10/29)
Merged in lp:~mterry/duplicity/list-old-chains
List/keep old signature chains

Applied patches from Kasper Brand that fixed device file handling.

Merged in lp:~l2g/duplicity/flag-transl-comments which cleared up how
translation comments should be passed to the translators cleanly now.

Applied 422477; [PATCH] IMAP Backend Error in delete()

Merged in lp:~mterry/duplicity/iterate-warnings
Add machine codes to various warnings when iterating over source files

Fix problems with unittests under Jaunty.  It appears that redirection
in os.system() has changed for the worse, so a workaround for now.

Fix problem in restart where there were no manifest entries and no
remote volumes stored.  We clean out the partial and restart.

Fixed 435975 gpg asks for password in 0.6.05, but not in 0.5.18

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