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[Duplicity-announce] Duplicity 0.6.17 Released

From: Kenneth Loafman
Subject: [Duplicity-announce] Duplicity 0.6.17 Released
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2011 13:56:04 -0600


Some critical fixes in this release and some reorganization of the trunk and tarball.  If you are using 0.6.16, it is highly advised to upgrade as soon as possible.

As usual, you can download from https://launchpad.net/duplicity/+download


New in v0.6.17 (2011/11/25)
- Added --rsync-options flag to allow user to pass options to rsync at will
- Added --s3-use-multiprocessing to select the new s3 multiprocessing backend.
  Default is to use the single processing backend.  A helper, filechunkio.py,
  requires Python 2.6+, so this option is not usable in earlier versions.

Bugs closed in this release:
411145     Misleading error message: "Invalid SSH password"
871875     File ... was corrupted during upload.
878220   UnsupportedBackendScheme: scheme not supported in url: s3+http
878964     Resuming a backup with a different password should throw an error
881070   Bugfix for S3 multipart upload on 0.6.16
881727   duplicity 0.6.16 lists all backup sets as incomplete
885670   Duplicity fails to add incremental backups to chain...


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