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[Duplicity-talk] pydrive backend: how to use storage of a user account i

From: Rupert Levene
Subject: [Duplicity-talk] pydrive backend: how to use storage of a user account instead of a service account?
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2015 12:06:11 +0000


I have successfully made and verified a backup using the pydrive
backend written by Yigal Asnis. As per the man page, I made a service
account in the Google developers console; I did this while logged into
my user account.

My problem is that I want the backup to go into my user account's
Google drive space, but instead it ends up in the service account's
Google drive space. I know this because the files don't show up in my
user account's Google drive, but they do show up in the service
account's drive (I can check this with API calls).

This has two drawbacks:

(1) I would like to use the unlimited quota in my user account, but
the quota in the service account is restricted to 15 GB; and

(2) as far as I know the service account has no password, so I can't
see the backup through the usual Google drive web interface, android
apps etc.

Could the pydrive backend be modified to allow backups to the drive
storage of a user account rather than just a service account? I guess
the authentication process may be a bit more involved, but I believe
it can be done.

For example, gauth could be made in the following way, without using a
service account at all:

if not gauth.LoadCredentialsFile("/path/to/auth.txt") :


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