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[Duplicity-talk] .Cache & duplicity collection-status

From: Сергей Цаболов
Subject: [Duplicity-talk] .Cache & duplicity collection-status
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2021 11:33:18 +0300
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Hello to all.

I have one question.

I setup duplicity and is work very well .

I setup the cron job for backup  incremental with command :

duplicity incremental --no-encryption  --exclude=/run --exclude=/proc --exclude=/sys --exclude=/dev --exclude=/proc --exclude=/sys --exclude=/mnt --exclude=/media --exclude=/tmp --exclude=/var/spool --exclude=/var/cache --exclude=/var/tmp --exclude=/swap.img / file:///srv/duplicity/

I run is by root user.

In /root/.cache/duplicity  is collect some files very big and my root-file-system (/) is full 100%

Before I delete it, the command  duplicity collection-status  file:///srv/duplicity/ give Num volumes  duplicity-inc .

After I delete the biggest  files from .cache the info about  Num volumes  duplicity-inc not show again only  the Full Num volumes

How I can change the backup command to not collect sow big .cache files, because if I run the duplicity cleanup --extra-clean --force $target  the info about Num volumes of full and inc backups I will have ?


Sergey Tsabolov

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