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Re: [Duplicity-talk] Best Duplicity 8 backend for Google Drive?

From: zga9uhnq4g
Subject: Re: [Duplicity-talk] Best Duplicity 8 backend for Google Drive?
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2021 20:19:17 -0700
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Yes I did read it.  That's the "Note on GDrive Backend" section that I mentioned I'm having trouble understanding.

First, it talks about a "Google My Drive based shared folder" and I want to use a Google My Drive regular (non-shared) folder (which Ken said should work).

Second, even though the "Note on GDrive Backend" section mentions using a regular account (as an alternative to a "service account"), the example URL in that section as well is the gdrive example in the URL Format section only show "service account name" and "service account email address".  The last sentence in the "Note on GDrive Backend" section seems to imply that the OAuth client ID is alternative for the service email address, but doesn't make it clear how/where to provide that client ID.

In addition, the example URLS in the "URL Format" section and the "Note on GDrive Backend" section look quite  different, so I'm not sure which format to follow.


On 2021-08-16 19:41, edgar.soldin--- via Duplicity-talk duplicity-talk-at-nongnu.org |duplicity-talk| wrote:
not familiar with gdrive, but did you read the man page section


On August 17, 2021 12:35:38 AM GMT+02:00, zga9uhnq4g--- via Duplicity-talk <duplicity-talk@nongnu.org> wrote:
Thanks for the info Ken.

A couple follow up questions.
  • Is there a way to contact the GDrive backend developer with questions, or is this list the best way?
  • I'm having trouble understanding the Note on GDrive Backend, specifically what the gdrive:// URL should look like.  If my Google Drive account is john_doe123@gmail.com and I want the duplicity backup stored in the (non-shared) /backup/duplicity folder, can you  (or someone) tell me what the gdrive:// URL should look like?
    thanks again,

On 2021-08-15 09:51, Kenneth Loafman kenneth-at-loafman.com |duplicity-talk| wrote:
Hi Peter,

All of our backends are written by volunteers, so I'm not the best one to answer.
  • gdocs is 10 years old and some still use it (to be deprecated in 0.9.0).
  • pydrive replaced gdocs 7 years ago and some still use it (to be deprecated in 0.9.0).
  • gdrive replaced pydrive 5 months ago.
As far as I know, all three still work, which is surprising since gdocs is deprecated by Google.  I would suggest using gdrive.

A service account is for a team while a regular account is a normal Google user.  I don't know any pros or cons.

No, My Drive folders do not need to be shared, they just need different addressing than shared.

Sorry, that's all I can think of at the moment,  Hope it helps!


On Sun, Aug 15, 2021 at 12:23 AM zga9uhnq4g--- via Duplicity-talk <duplicity-talk@nongnu.org> wrote:
Looking at the duplicity 8 man page, it appears that there are several options for storing backups in Google Drive:
Which of them should I expect to be the most reliable and efficient?
Searching duplicity-talk, I saw some indication that the gdocs API has been deprecated, which makes me leery of using it.  The man page says "GDrive: is a rewritten PyDrive: backend ...", but I didn't see any mention of gdrive in duplicity-talk, so I'm not sure how widely it is being used.

I have a couple questions about the Notes on the Pydrive and Gdrive backends in the man page:
  • What are pros and cons of using a service account versus a regular account?
  • The Note on GDrive Backend only mentions using shared folders for 'My Drive', does that mean I can't store a duplicity backup in a non-shared folder?

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