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World War lll ?? part 1

From: Jason Bocchino
Subject: World War lll ?? part 1
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 16:24:52 -0400

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National Day of Prayer
Are we seeing the beginning of World War III?  We have all seen the pictures 
that will be forever etched in our minds.  How did you react? Did you notice 
how many people have all of a sudden invoked God's name? I saw pictures of the 
toughest looking New Yorkers praying along side old ladies and crying.   Is God 
mad, that it seems to always take a catastrophe for us to turn to Him?  I am 
happy to tell you…. no He isn't.  We all can return to him at any time and He 
will be there waiting for us with open arms.

Does God want us to go kill in his name?  Is he with America?  Well the Good 
Book is filled with stories of his people taking up arms against evil.  Believe 
me we are the right here.  America is not the land of evil.  Sure with our God 
given freedoms that our fore father gave us, with their blood and sweat we all 
are guilty of using those freedoms for some sort of sin activity.  Sin is part 
of us…. there is nobody who can say they don't sin.  If you think you don't you 
are fooling yourself and are a self righteous hypocrite and worst kind of fool.

We all have been given an opportunity to be counted with the righteous.  We 
have to use this time to draw closer to God and use his power as our strength.  
We have been given momentum to go forward in a fight for righteousness against 
evil.  We cannot lose as long as we use Him as our guide.

You will hear a lot of so called religious people use this as a way to get 
those who don't understand God's plan for mankind as a spring board to launch 
their own greedy agenda.  Be ware Sheppard's as to how you lead your flock.  
They will say this is the end.  Armageddon is upon us.  All through history 
these fools cry out this scare tactic.  Well Jesus Christ himself said that 
only God the Father knows the time of Christ's return.  How can a man?

If this is the beginning of the end we still have no reason to fear.  If we are 
in the right….and you can bet we are… and you are close to God in all of your 
doings, then we have nothing to fear.  Not even the end of the world as we know 

20 years ago I was training to be a minister.  All I encountered in that church 
was hypocrisy and self-righteous indignation.  I left the so called church and 
have never been back. It seems that the real 'churchy' people are there to suck 
up to the minister and to gain some sense of self importance. I was not of the 
same mold they were, so I stuck out like a sore thumb. I am big and mean 
looking, I have a few tattoos. It was easy for the 'righteous' to point out my 
short comings. I tell it like it is and I don't suck up. 

While they were busy going to church 4 times a week I decided that if I'm in 
church all the time how can I be of any help in the real world.  Don't get me 
wrong if you really have God's will in you heart, church can help you get your 
spiritual life in order.  Church can help train you in the word of God and help 
get you on the right track. 

 I believe the good lord has other things planned for me out in the real world. 
 This is why I have taken this time to write this letter.  I feel the time is 
at hand where all Americans of all race, color and creed need to pull together 
for the greater good of all mankind.  It is up to us to lead the world as an 
example of what true righteousness is. Did Jesus not sit and eat with the 
prostitutes and tax collectors.  Did he not say that a doctor doesn't tend to 
the healthy?  We are all prostitutes and tax collectors.  We all need his 
blessing and protection at all times not just during a catastrophe.  

I pledge as an American that I will donate 10% of all my earnings towards those 
in need.  I will not hand over my hard earned money to some minister with no 
job so he can use it as he sees fit.  I will go out into the world with my 10% 
and personally see where it will be used to do the most good…..starting with 
the police and firemen of New York City.

I know that to some of you I seem to be off my rocker, but can you think of a 
better time to get reacquainted with our God.  If this makes sense to you pass 
it along to all your friends and loved ones.  Remember if God is with us who or 
what can stand against us?

My we all be blessed and get through this and be beacons of light to this 
darkening world.

Noel E. Wideberg
GoldSphere Inc. 

Noel Wideberg
GoldSphere Inc.

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