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Re: SCHOOLFORGE - *who* is it?

From: Odile Bénassy
Subject: Re: SCHOOLFORGE - *who* is it?
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2002 08:42:38 +0100

Christian Selig a écrit :
> Hello to all of you,
> perhaps those interested in the educational field have heard of the
> formation of Schoolforge, a collaboration of three dozens of
> school-related Free Software and so-called "open source" projects. Just
> take a look at Can anyone give some
> comments about one or more of these groups?

Yes, about SEUL/edu 
I know SEUL/edu since the beginning, and SEUL for even longer : Roger
Dingledine is an ex-MIT student and still benefits on 2 machines there.
He does the job for no money, very seriously, years long. 
Douglas Loss is working in a local University. He launched SEUL/edu
mailing list, and because he is very talented in finding information all
over the web, and in making people get along with one another, SEUL/edu
mailing list has a great success. It brings information about free
software in education, to lots of people everywhere. 

Yes they are not enough cautious about licenses. I try to tell them as
much as I can. Therefore we do not, and will not, link to them on GNU
education pages.
> I assume that some of these groups think of replacing Windows or Mac
> computers in schools with "Linux, StarOffice and Netscape" when they
> call themselves "open source" or something crap.
> I do not see any deeper insight on their side why *Free Software* should
> be used, so I won't proprose to somehow work together with these people.
> Thoughts? Comments? Flames?
> Thanks,
>    Christian
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> build rhythms.  I am the spirit with which your children and clowns
> laugh in happy anarchy.  I am chaos. I am alive, and tell you that you
> are free. - Eris, Goddess Of Chaos, Discord & Confusion
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