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Another open source project ?

From: Dominique Broeglin
Subject: Another open source project ?
Date: 09 Jan 2002 08:45:15 +0100

        I'm not quite sure that this is the best place for this email. If I'm
wrong tell me !
        I'm working on a little project which aims at handling administrative
(scheduling, student and teacher directories,etc...) and pedagogic tasks
(course content and organization) for my former school which needed it
        The project begins to be interesting. So, I decided to publish it in
order to obtain some feed-back from users outside the school it was
initially designed for.
        If someone is interested enough to provide some help he would be
welcome to ;-)

        I've created a first wiki web site in order to publish the project and
its (upcoming) documentation :

        A demonstration site (currently in test by the students and the
teachers) is also available at :

        Any questions, comments, critics are welcome !
        Thanks for your time,
        Dominique Broeglin

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