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Re: SCHOOLFORGE - *who* is it?

From: Hilaire Fernandes
Subject: Re: SCHOOLFORGE - *who* is it?
Date: 09 Jan 2002 08:54:13 +0100

I think they try to create a sort of federation of free software
communities related to education. The idea may look appealing to avoid
duplicating effort and synchronizing project but in last resort the work
has to be done.


le mar 08-01-2002 à 21:58, Christian Selig a écrit :
> Hello to all of you,
> perhaps those interested in the educational field have heard of the 
> formation of Schoolforge, a collaboration of three dozens of 
> school-related Free Software and so-called "open source" projects. Just 
> take a look at Can anyone give some 
> comments about one or more of these groups?
> I assume that some of these groups think of replacing Windows or Mac 
> computers in schools with "Linux, StarOffice and Netscape" when they 
> call themselves "open source" or something crap.
> I do not see any deeper insight on their side why *Free Software* should 
> be used, so I won't proprose to somehow work together with these people.
> Thoughts? Comments? Flames?
> Thanks,
>    Christian
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> build rhythms.  I am the spirit with which your children and clowns
> laugh in happy anarchy.  I am chaos. I am alive, and tell you that you
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