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Re: Call for Partners -> Linux in Youthwork

From: Christian Selig
Subject: Re: Call for Partners -> Linux in Youthwork
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 11:57:00 +0100
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Hi Andrea,

I'm very please to hear from any initiative that seeks to bring GNU/Linux to more people! Thank you for your work!

There are some people at the FSF Europe that are somewhat familiar with EU funding; you can ask Georg Greve (Georg, you read this list?) who this people are and can get in touch with them.

I have not searched the net, but I assume you have already talked to the people of Austrian FFS (Förderverein Freie Software); they are in quite close contact to the FSFE. They can help you, too.


andrea mayr wrote:

this Call is explicitely directed to this list. i posted a prior
version two weeks ago on the main discussion list of the fsf-europe. after
getting feedback i realised that there is some additional
information necessary, which i decided to work out before posting it
here. the chances for getting a fund from the european unions
YOUTH programme are pretty good, AFAIK..


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