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Re: Another open source project ?

From: Dominique Broeglin
Subject: Re: Another open source project ?
Date: 15 Jan 2002 15:36:22 +0100

On Sat, 2002-01-12 at 11:50, Christian Selig wrote:
> Hello Dominique,
> we are always very happy to read about Free Software projects for 
> schools. Especially missing (i.e. all over Germany) is a good, usable 
> and *free* solution for school administration. I'm very occupied right 
> now, but I guess some others will take a look at it. You should also 
> search the web for other projects with the same goal, so that (if 
> possible) you can merge and save yourself and others a lot of work, or 
> at least create common data formats.

        My initial search (about 1 year back) didn't give anything with all the
needs I had. I kept my eys open for emerging projects but I found
nothing since.
        Does anyone know of a similar project ?
        As for the data formats I use XML for communication (an SQL database
for persistence) so any conversion from/to another format should not
cost too much. 

> I'd also like to urge you to speak of "Free Software" instead of "Open 
> Source", because the former term is much more precise. You can take a 
> look at .
        Yes, this was big mistake. The licence I use for the application is


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