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Re: [edu-eu]Re: edu-eu and SPAM [Was: - Week of July 4th]

From: Hilaire Fernandes
Subject: Re: [edu-eu]Re: edu-eu and SPAM [Was: - Week of July 4th]
Date: 04 Jul 2002 18:15:17 +0200

Le jeu 04/07/2002 à 17:28, Alessandro Rubini a écrit :
> > Is there someone discussing of something?
> There is no ongoing activity. I think most of us work more on local
> level than international; local work keeps us busy enough, and
> probably there are not enough success stories with free software and
> education to set up international work.

Well, we may need to construct stuff together ;-)
Personnaly I am very interested to find math teacher that may use my
software DrGenius (a GNU Dynamic/interactive geometry software). I have
started writing an electronic manual for the software and I decided to
use english for the initial version of the manual although english is
not my native langage, because of that there is probably a lot of
speeling error in the manual that need to be fixed.
As well, designing pedagogical activites with the software is something
I try to develop, I think it is more easy to make a software appealing
with what you can do with it. Therefore I am very interested to find
math. teacher that may/will use the software to develop such activites.

However, I am afraid that most of us are more computer user oriented
than teacher. Am I wrong?



> That said, probably has more activity than edu-eu has. I
> can't tell for sure as I'm not subscribed there.
> But feel free to raise your points; to start useful discussion and
> constructive work usally you only need a few words if the pool of
> people is reactive enough.
> /alessandro
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