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Re: [edu-eu]Re: edu-eu and SPAM [Was: - Week of July 4th]

From: Satyakam Goswami
Subject: Re: [edu-eu]Re: edu-eu and SPAM [Was: - Week of July 4th]
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2002 10:44:30 +0530 (IST)

Alessandro Rubini said:
>> Is there someone discussing of something?
> There is no ongoing activity. I think most of us work more on local
> level than international; local work keeps us busy enough, and
> probably there are not enough success stories with free software and
> education to set up international work.
we have two groups working in this part of the world i will try to cross
post there developments now and then,we have a project which is still on
the drawing board or to be precise somewhere in the mailing lists, but i
am sure its gonna be one step in this diretion.
> That said, probably has more activity than edu-eu has. I
> can't tell for sure as I'm not subscribed there.
hmm if activity of mailing lists is a benchmark yes they have been doing
pretty well in getting people to think.>
> But feel free to raise your points; to start useful discussion and
> constructive work usally you only need a few words if the pool of
> people is reactive enough.
The project i am working on is aka K12ltsp, we are going to get old out
dated Pc's and bundle it with GNU/Linux and  try to localize it.

Archean Infotech
Victory Vihar,Himayatnagar,Hyderabad 500029

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