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Re: [edu-eu]Re: edu-eu and SPAM [Was: - Week of July 4th]

From: Daniel Carrión Reinoso
Subject: Re: [edu-eu]Re: edu-eu and SPAM [Was: - Week of July 4th]
Date: 05 Jul 2002 17:31:37 +0200

El vie, 05-07-2002 a las 07:14, Satyakam Goswami escribió:
> The project i am working on is aka K12ltsp, we are going to get old out
> dated Pc's and bundle it with GNU/Linux and  try to localize it.

In Spain there are people doing these things as well. For example, you
can take a look at It's in Spanish
but there is an "about us" page in English and German.


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