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[edu-eu]MimerDesk 1.5.3 released

From: Teemu
Subject: [edu-eu]MimerDesk 1.5.3 released
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 19:50:43 +0300

MimerDesk 1.5.3 has been released

ยป 2002/07/15, The Internet

The new version of MimerDesk makes collaboration with documents and governing
groups easier and more efficient.

MimerDesk 1.5.3 includes an improved file management system which makes
working with files in groups simple yet capable. The new version controlling
system and locking system enables concurrent editing of files and ensures
file intergrity.

All common file formats can now be previewed with the newest browsers through

MimerDesk can be used as an Internet radio. With MP3 Streaming technology
you can stream mpeg encoded files over the network straight to the home
users speakers without any downloading. MimerDesk even supplies tools to
edit MP3 tags.

Downloading more than one file at a time is now possible. The user can
select the files he/she wants and download them in one Zip or Tar/Gzip
compressed file. The compression reduces network load and download times.

Translations have improved. New languages include thai and russia.
The italian, finnish, english, swedish, spanish, german and galician
translations have been updated. The new localization system in MimerDesk
includes comprehensive translation management tools.

In addition MimerDesk 1.5.3 fixes bugs found in earlier versions and adds
a bunch of new smaller changes and features.

MimerDesk 1.6 will be released by the end of the summer. It will make
working in groups and navigation through MimerDesk easier, and be even
more usable for everyday use.

MimerDesk is a Free/Open Source software. MimerDesk is published under the
GNU GPL license ( The license protects
the user's rights to use, change and distribute the MimerDesk software. The
MimerDesk software can be downloaded from the project website.

ChangeLog is here:

Download MimerDesk 1.5.3 here:

For additional inquiry:

Teemu Arina
Ionstream Ltd.
050 555 7636

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