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Re: [edu-eu] MOUS alternative

From: Wiebe van der Worp
Subject: Re: [edu-eu] MOUS alternative
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 10:29:07 +0200
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Ian, that is great! We definite should adopt it here in the Netherlands as well. We have a "digital drivers license" (NL: digitaal rijbewijs) here, based on proprietory software. An alternative is more than welcome!

I will also send this reply to:
address@hidden (EU, hope to get some responce...)
address@hidden (Dutch OOo group)
address@hidden (core Vrijschrift members)
address@hidden (Matto Fransen GNU/Linux)
address@hidden (Blender and education)

Dutch speaking people are invited to react on

Regards Wiebe van der Worp

address@hidden wrote:
I am starting to put together a system of certification for competence in This is to counter things like MOUS and to an extent ECDL which 
are MS Office focused. I will be starting with a certificate for complete 
beginners, but will then develop more advanced certificates initially in line 
with the English vocational qualifications framework. Have entered intial 
discussion with for endorsement. Already have 3 potential pilot 
sites for the basic certificate herein England with all 3 running large Linux 
at the desktop installations with or Star Office. If others are 
interested, drop me an E-mail and I'll keep you informed. It should not be too 
difficult to make certificates fit any national qualifications frameworks 
should this be desirable.

Having certificated qualifications is a low cost way of marketing and providing 
credibility for the use of free software. It also provides a potential service 
revenue stream for commercial companies wanting to make free software part of 
their business strategy.


Ian Lynch

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