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Re: [edu-eu]my thoughts (long)

From: Susan Stewart
Subject: Re: [edu-eu]my thoughts (long)
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2002 20:31:34 -0600
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Anyone have any thoughts about which hierarchy it might be best to form this 
group under?  The three options I'm currently considering are:

gnu.* hierarchy... possibly name it this would be concise, logical, 
and a logical place to look for us.  On the down side, though, many servers 
don't carry the gnu.* hierarchy, and placing the group there would mean that 
the moderators would have to limit posts fairly strictly to those dealing 
with free software specifically.

linux.* hierarchy... this is more widely available than the gnu.* hierarchy 
and would allow discussion on a broader level, including the discussion of 
non-free and free software that often work together.  However, discussion of 
systems using GNU Hurd would be considered off topic.

comp.* hierarchy... if we place the group properly, we could make the 
discussion as broad as we like.  Also, as part of the big 8, the comp.* 
hierarchy is as widely available on the web as anything we could hope for.  
The only real drawback that I see is that there is a little more red tape 
involved in creating under the big 8 hierarchies, which I'm told to expect 
will take 3-4 months.  However, I have no qualms about doing it if that is 
the general consensus among the folks I talk to.

So, what would you name a newsgroup created to provide a forum for educators 
to discuss the role that free software plays in the classroom, including the 
non-free software that interacts with it?


On Sunday 29 December 2002 06:22 am, Wiebe van der Worp wrote:
> As Susan more or less mentioned you have to get over some critical point
> (amount of interest) to make this successful. But trying it is worth it,
> even if you/we fail.
>  From the Dutch's point of view I will do my best to
> promote it. Your approach is practical and I am sure there is an broad
> interest to fill the gap between those geeks and ordinary Win users.
> Least I could do is place a link on
> Hope to hear more soon...
> Wiebe
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