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[edu-eu]Re: Edu friendly Linux

From: ian
Subject: [edu-eu]Re: Edu friendly Linux
Date: 30 Dec 2002 09:57:51 +0000

Info that might be useful.

I have set up (International Grades in Office
Technology) with the aim of establishing a progressive set of
certificates in generic office technology. The Bronze is the only one
done so far and is appropriate for, SO and MS Office users.
Teachers guide and assessment criteria freely downloadabe. Official
certification costs £3 per student with any profits going to Linux
application development relevant to education. Bronze can be done by
young children so let's get them on INGOTS before MOUS and ECDL and
divert the funding to Linux development. E-mail me for any

There are often Linux discussions relevant to education in Usenet group

Hope this helps


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