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[edu-eu] MimerDesk 2.0 improves collaborative learning process

From: Teemu
Subject: [edu-eu] MimerDesk 2.0 improves collaborative learning process
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 03:27:13 +0300
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Espoo, Finland -- September 11, 2003 -- The new stable release of MimerDesk
introduces Type sets for the freedom of choice in pedagogical methodologies,
a better structured and more intuitive user interface and new tools to
further enhance effective collaboration.

MimerDesk takes one step closer towards pedagogical independence in the sense
that it is not limited to specific learning process methodologies, but instead
provides the possibility for the user to create Type sets for different types
of learning processes like Problem Based Learning.

The Project Manager in MimerDesk 2.0 is specifically designed to provide more
efficient manner of carrying out projects asynchronously. This tool is ideal
for group assignments and projects because of its illustrative nature.
The Project Manager includes a dynamic tree structure with unlimited levels of
tasks, participant specific task lists, task dependencies, milestones and
enhanced GANTT charts.

MimerDesk 2.0 also delivers an enhancement to the Calendar in the form of a
new tool, the Meeting Planner. The main objective of this tool is to ease the
process of arranging meetings with three or more people, be it for a school
project or a board meeting. The Meeting Planner is integrated with the
Calendar so that all meetings that are agreed upon are directly sent to the
participants' Calendars.

MimerDesk 2.0 introduces a more intuitive and easy-to-use structure in
the form of top-level tabs that separate Personal, Groups and Administration
tools to form their own wholes. An individual user and group administrators
can dynamically select the desired set of tools to work with and this freedom
makes the environment more flexible and suitable for different types of
communities, groups and individuals.

As is to be expected, the MimerDesk 2.0 release fixes numerous bugs and
inconsistencies found in previous versions.

MimerDesk is a Free/Open Source web-based collaborative learning and groupwork
environment software. MimerDesk is published under the GNU GPL license
( The license protects the user's rights
to use, change and distribute the MimerDesk software. The MimerDesk software
can be downloaded from the project website (

Ionstream Oy is the main developer of the MimerDesk environment and has a
long history of expertise in Internet communities, teaching and web-based
collaborative learning. Ionstream Oy is focused on designing, implementing
and delivering customer-specific collaborative learning and groupware


Teemu Arina

Ionstream Ltd
Komeetankuja 4 A
02210 Espoo
Tel: +358-(0)50 - 555 7636

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