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[edu-eu] the new one

From: Thomas Jensch
Subject: [edu-eu] the new one
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 18:06:25 +0200
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Dear edu-people,
so, me is the new one at the FSFE.

The next 8 month I will be working as an intern at the Zurich office.
My name is Thomas Jensch, 28 yrs. old and student of political science at the 
University of Leipzig, Germany. (I dont know much about programming, but do 
like swimming and practice trompet playing.)

Beside the obvious administrative tasks i will support the President in his 
work as well as focus on 'free software in education'.

The edu-project is my special responsibility and the following week(s) i will 
dig into the archives to get an overview and evaluate what has been done so 
far and how/where to continue the work.
Especially the development in Germany with skolelinux deploying their stuff at 
several schools looks promising. Also the fellows in Austria are quite active, 
delivering speeches on the the topic to raise public awareness.
Obviously i have to learn a lot before becoming a useful addition to the team, 
so please dont hesitate to send me additional information and material on what 
has been done, what to archieve, which direction to go and general remarks, 
wishlists or anything which you consider helpful for me.

Since i use debian sid (sidux distribution), i am already a little bit 
involved into address@hidden (there is a sideproject called seminarix).

Thomas Jensch, Intern - Zurich office

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