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[edu-eu] UOC's Official Master Programme in Free Software

From: Franco Iacomella
Subject: [edu-eu] UOC's Official Master Programme in Free Software
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 09:56:48 -0700

This can be interesting for some of you...

UOC's Official Master Programme in Free Software

This degree came about by the need to train qualified staff in free
software. The European Union has recommended the introduction of
courses on this subject because it considers that the habitual lack of
knowledge of source code prevents us from auditing the true operation
of software, which could seriously compromise security in some
countries, leaving it in the hands of companies that create
proprietary programs.

This Official Master Programme was designed in this global context to
offer students a range of possibilities depending on their
professional profile (administrator of networks and operating systems,
administrator of websites and e-mail systems, expert in application
development and the management of operating systems in free software
environments) and their interests.

This Official Master Programme attempts to tackle the need for
qualified personnel in this field, since free software is of interest
to governments and business around the world.

The UOC - Universitat Oberta of Catalunya, Spain -  is a leading
University in e-learning, compromised with Free Software movement and
ideas. You can course this world wide known degree using just Free
Software tools.

More information:

- Registration:
- Contact: address@hidden

You have time until 15th September to register in the Master Degree.

The master is also available in spanish and catalan since 5 years ago.

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