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[edu-eu] university issues

From: Thomas Jensch
Subject: [edu-eu] university issues
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2009 08:56:19 +0100
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universities are different. At least the ones I know do "suffer" from a great 
extend of autonomy. Therefore it is quite difficult to work on a general way 
how to approach universities. Additionally there are a couple of ways to go:

- Computerpools
Universities usually offer large quantities of student work places equipped 
with computers. Who is responsible for that, do they offer Free Software 
workplaces? How to convince them if not?

- studium generale / workshops
Universities offer workshops on how to make use of ICT for writing essays and 
theses. Are these product- or technique-oriented workshops? Who is responsible 
for these? Do they just dont know better or have the notorious "MS-Office" 
workshop by intention?

- infrastructure
What does the IT department use to provide the university with the necessary 
services? Which kind of VPN is used? Are there chances to change to a Free 
Software solution? Is the department actively involved in developing / 
supporting / deploying Free Software?

- faculties
Of course there is the IT faculty. How does it deal with Free Software? What 
is the teaching about? Are there courses or lectures?
There is also the education faculty. How the education students are prepared 
in using ICT. How do these students learn about Free Software as an 
alternative to the usual suspects. 

Thomas Jensch, Intern - Zurich office

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