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[edu-eu] Re: education activity flyer / arguments + information

From: Sam Tuke
Subject: [edu-eu] Re: education activity flyer / arguments + information
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2009 17:21:51 +0000
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Regarding the content of the proposed flyer on free software: what is the best 
method of developing this?

Should I submit a proposed paragraph to be included? Or design a flyer myself? 
Or suggest snippets or content or themes?

I was not able to attend the jabber meeting due to technical difficulties, but 
I gather from your message that the flyer is aimed at FOSS activists informing 
them of approaches to take when discussing FOSS matters with people in the 
education sector. Is this so?

Will the content be collaboratively put together, or will one person be 
responsible for creating it? Is there a deadline?

Anders Kringstad of skolelinux has a lot of experience in these matters and 
provided insight into some of the questions that you raise during his talk at 



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