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Re: [edu-eu] Re: education activity flyer / arguments + information

From: Thomas Jensch
Subject: Re: [edu-eu] Re: education activity flyer / arguments + information
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2009 01:01:52 +0100
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Hello Sam,

thank you very much for your input. I can just answer briefly now, but will 
pick it up next week again.

Sam Tuke <address@hidden> [2009-11-25 18:21]:
> Regarding the content of the proposed flyer on free software: what is the
>  best method of developing this?
> Should I submit a proposed paragraph to be included? Or design a flyer
>  myself? Or suggest snippets or content or themes?
Everything needs to be done of course, but i would suggest a schedule like: 
themes > snippets / content > paragraphs > layout

> I was not able to attend the jabber meeting due to technical difficulties,
if anybody needs the log file, please send me a mail. i have a nice one from 
hesa and a rather ill-formatted one from me.

>  but I gather from your message that the flyer is aimed at FOSS activists
>  informing them of approaches to take when discussing FOSS matters with
>  people in the education sector. Is this so?
yep, this is one target. another target are the headmasters and 
decisionmakers. the fellows are also a target since at least a couple of them 
are students and might want to approach their university. 
i would like to have two flyers: one for activists to use and one for 
activists to hand out :)

> Will the content be collaboratively put together, or will one person be
>  responsible for creating it? Is there a deadline?
in the beginning the process should be as open as possible, later on it might 
be more effective to have one person responsible for the fine-tuning.
> Anders Kringstad of skolelinux has a lot of experience in these matters and
>  provided insight into some of the questions that you raise during his talk
>  at FSCONS.
thanx a lot for that link. could you provide me with a summary of which of my 
questions he has talked about and i get in contact with him.

Thomas Jensch, Intern - Zurich office

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