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[edu-eu] RFC for FSFE Edu-Team mission statement

From: Guido Arnold
Subject: [edu-eu] RFC for FSFE Edu-Team mission statement
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2011 23:15:09 +0100
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Hello all,

Although the Edu-Team has been active again, there was no consistent
answer to the question what exactly we are aiming for and how we plan
to get there. So, we started working on our mission statement and came
up with a first draft. 

You are warmly invited to provide us with any kind of input for

FSFE Edu-Team Mission Statement:

With the increasing usage of Information technology, software
knowledgeability [1] has become a key skill in modern society. At almost
all levels [2], pupils and students are taught how to use computers and
deal with software.

We believe [3] Free Software is the best choice as it encourages schooling
of understanding over product schooling, upholds the scientific
principles and doesn't neglect the social components of education like
sharing, helping and learning from each other [4].

The aim of the education activity of FSFE is furthering Free Software
in all education related activities and institutions. In accordance
with FSFE's self conception [0], we want to bring Free Software in
education on the political agenda across all European country
borders and inform administrations, teachers, students/pupils and
their parents about the benefits Free Software provides. We also want
to foster communication and cooperation among these groups as well as
with the developers and advocates of Free Software and their
organisations to help them succeed. We aim for a legal framework that
will not discriminate the use of Free Software and offer our expertise
and advise to all parties involved.


The footnotes point to some controversies during the drafting process.

Any comment or question is welcome! There is also an editable etherpad
version where you can integrate your suggestions right away and
anonymous [5].

Thank you for your time and help!



[1] knowledgeability sounds weird to some people. Is there any better
    way to express this?

[2] It's been suggested to replace "levels" with "educational institutions"

[3] delete "We believe"?

[4] does this explain the WHY good enough? Any other suggestions?


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