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[edu-eu] fOSSa conference in Lille (France) next week

From: Ivaylo Ganchev
Subject: [edu-eu] fOSSa conference in Lille (France) next week
Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2012 20:05:28 +0100 (CET)
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just wanted to announce the fOSSa (Free and Open Source Software for
Academia) conference that will be held in Lille (France) next week. This
conference is focused on the interactions of Universities, FOSS projects 
and industries members. Guests range from local to international players
in each of these domains. Conferences are held in English and French.

For the Education chapter we've invited some university lecturers that
already had experiences with teaching open source technologies in the
higher education. We would like to focus on the pedagogical part of their
experiences: what are the assets and the disadvantages of using these
technologies in CS classes, what is particular in teaching Open Source,
what is the importance of the hacker's culture for the future

We would like thus to share these experiences and hope to inspire others
to iterate these past (and present) experiences.

The workshops will be a place where academia members will meet FOSS
projects' members. Communities members with experiences of collaboration
with universities and/or teaching FOSS in higher education will share
their experiences and show different manners in which a project could be
adapted to be taught in class. Members of Gnome, Apache, Mozilla and
Debian communities will have one hour each to interact with attendees.

Some of the conferences will be filmed and will be uploaded on the INRIA's
site in the coming weeks. If there are any interesting outcomes of this
conferences will write back to the list to share them.

Best regards,

Ivaylo Ganchev
System administrator
University of Paris 8
tel: 01 49 40 64 08
e-mail: address@hidden

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