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Re: [edu-eu] Crowdfunding project in Germany: First open and free textbo

From: Ania Lesca
Subject: Re: [edu-eu] Crowdfunding project in Germany: First open and free textbook
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2012 10:46:01 +0100
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Le 14/12/2012 08:49, Projekt SCHULBUCH-O-MAT a écrit :
> Hi out there,
> just wanted to share this with edu-eu@

Thanks for sharing, I think it's a great project. Do you know
"wikiversity" ?

> Two men from Berlin want to revolutionize the German textbook market and
> challenge the established textbook publishers. They intend to create an
> online platform to develop digital textbooks collaboratively and
> distribute them for free. To this end, they encourage teachers and
> authors to assume editorial responsibility and share their material, as
> Hans Hellfried Wedenig and Heiko Przyhodnik explained in an interview
> with "buchreport". 

I'm not very optimistic about "sharing material" ; in France, we only
succeed with this kind of project when it goes through institutional
channels ("departemental academic inspections"), sorry about that. Hope
it's different in Germany.

> The pioneers take a clear stand against the commercial platform
> created by the German textbook publishers where
> users pay for ready-to-use digital textbooks. Their hope of success is
> based on similar, but more advanced projects in the U.S. (flexbook) and
> encouraging early feedback from teachers.

I had never heard about flexbooks, thanks.

Ann from Bordeaux

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