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Re: [edu-eu] European Schoolnet and the Future Classroom Lab

From: Guido Arnold
Subject: Re: [edu-eu] European Schoolnet and the Future Classroom Lab
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2012 17:30:36 +0100

Hello Eleonora,

thank you very much for the links and sorry for the late reply.

2012/12/11 Eleonora Pantò <address@hidden>:
> It's really unclear to me why most of you reacted about the latest part of
> my comments. and not about the fact that  during our visit in the FLC
> someone raised  the question of using  non proprietary solutions...
> can we  move around  propositve actions, beyond  usual question relating
> that  free is not gratis?

I'm in favour for that as well.

> Here in  Piedmont i there is a regional law 9/2009 about using free software
> Could we try to gather other examples of this kind?

Yes! :) We've been doing that for a while. I added your links to the Wiki:

Everybody is encouraged to contribute. Fellows of FSFE can start right
away with their Fellowship name, everybody else can sign up for a
guest account. If you don't want to be bothered with the sign up or
fiddling with the wiki, just post stuff like that on this list and
I'll add it to the corresponding wiki pages.

Eleonora, thanks again for the Links!



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