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Re: [edu-eu] Crowdfunding project in Germany: First open and free textbo

From: Guido Arnold
Subject: Re: [edu-eu] Crowdfunding project in Germany: First open and free textbook
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2013 15:03:54 +0100

Hello everybody,

2012/12/14 Projekt SCHULBUCH-O-MAT <address@hidden>:
> Two men from Berlin want to revolutionize the German textbook market and
> challenge the established textbook publishers. They intend to create an
> To collect funds, media expert Wedenig and Biology and Phys. Ed. teacher
> Przyhodnik are presenting their project called "Schulbuch-O-Mat" (literally
> "Textbook-O-Mat") on the crowdfunding platform startnext. They hope for
> 10,000 Euros from project fans. The money is to go into the platform as well

Just for the records: The crowd funding was successful. I just read
that the project is going to be monitored scientifically as there is a
high interest how such projects may work out [1].




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