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Re: [edu-eu] CodeWeek.EU - call for participation

From: Marko Dimjašević
Subject: Re: [edu-eu] CodeWeek.EU - call for participation
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2014 14:36:51 -0700

Hi all,

It's nice to hear about FS coding initiatives around Europe!

While I agree it's nice to get some of the events
free-software-minded, I believe that the coding week wasn't meant to be
ethical in this way in the first place. Starting with the website (they
use proprietary stuff like google maps) that promotes the idea that
anyone and anything is welcome to join (including those promoting
proprietary software and the idea that kids should be
proprietary-software-dependent), trying to make look the event free
software-ish doesn't help much. I agree that whoever attends a free
software event in the coding week will benefit, but overall the week
with proprietary software events (e.g. [1]) will just make free software
look like a yet another legitimate option, thus completely bypassing the
very essence of the free software movement.

I see others might disagree, but things fail when not built on solid
grounds. The coding week doesn't seem to have solid grounds, at least
free-software-wise. The week is there because of competitiveness,
markets, leadership, entrepreneurship, and economy growth [2], and it's
not there to form a society based on the ideals of emancipation and



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