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[Edu-fr] Help to implement GNU\Linux in Spanish School

From: Lince Suryvan
Subject: [Edu-fr] Help to implement GNU\Linux in Spanish School
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 22:47:59 -0000

hi there

 Last month i received a call from the admin of my school. He wants to change 
all the old win9x net to linux(exactly gnu\linux).
Ive been talking with some people other people from the lug.
We will propose a definitve implementation plan the first of march.
We have been seeking for educational programs, for young kids, and so on, and 
for specific ones for phisic, biologie...
Currently we are on it, testing at our homes xterminals, samba, nfs, squid, the 
firewall, well, you know.
After a fast search on the internet i only found some threads on some lugs, i 
think its the first seriuos attenpt to do move 
 a school to use completely free software. (Although, at first, the dont care 
it, the only want it to bee free (as in beer)).

Well, i dont know what more to say, its a very good new, and at i found that perhaps you could help us a bit.

Oh,i fast forgive it, i live in norther spain, you know here gnu\linux is not 
as popular as i will.

Thanks for all.
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