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[eev] eev-math-glyphs.el

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: [eev] eev-math-glyphs.el
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 06:26:20 -0300

Hi list! There's a recent - and undocumented, and poorly-tested -
elisp file in the eev package that might be of interest to some:

I used to use something similar to that in real text-mode (i.e. SVGA)
consoles to edit my TeX notes: I would set the screen font to a hacked
font in which some characters had been modified - for example, some
accented chars or graphic signs that I didn't need were replaced by a
little "bf", a little "rm", and "sf", and "tx", with bitmaps like
these (the font was 8x8),

    |        |        |        |        | o      |
    |o       |        |        |        | o      |
    |o       |        | oo     | o      | ooo    |
    |oo   oo |oo oooo |o    oo |ooo o o | o o    |
    |o o o   |o  o o o|ooo o   | o   o  | ooo    |
    |o o oo  |o  o o o|  o oo  | o   o  |   o    |
    |oo  o   |o  o o o|oo  o   |  o o o |   o    |
    |    o   |        |    o   |        |        |

and then I would write code in the preamble of my TeX files to make
TeX treat these characters as if they were 1-character abbreviations
for the commands \mathbf, \mathrm, \mathss, \text and \natural, like

    \catcode`<bfchar>=13 \def<bfchar>{\mathbf}

where <bfchar> stands for a single character (the "bf").

I am attaching two screenshots to this message. Both were taken with:

    emacs-cvs -fn fixed -fg bisque -bg black \
      $EEVDIR/eev-math-glyphs.el &


    ;; To set up a certain set of TeX glyphs:
    ;;   (require 'eev-math-glyphs)
    ;;   (eev-math-glyphs-edrx)

After running `(eev-math-glyphs-edrx)' I can type the "bf" char by
typing `M-, b f'. Note: I had to simplify the "bf" to just a "b" in
yellow on brown in X, as I don't know how to create modified X's fonts.

Notes: 1) eev-math-glyphs.el uses the function `lax-plist-put', that
does not exist on non-CVS GNU Emacs. Modifying the code to make it run
on GNU Emacs 21.4 should be easy, but I haven't done it. 2) I only
started to use Emacs on X seriously less than one year ago, and I'm
still quite X-unsavvy... and I'm also still afraid of encodings in
which certain characters are represented by more than one byte - I use
the "raw-text" encoding for most of my files.


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