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[eev] A Lisp-ish alternative to customize

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: [eev] A Lisp-ish alternative to customize
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 12:30:36 -0200

Hi rubikitch and list,

In the posting about unifiying the single-steppers I mentioned a
global variable, `eeb-defaults', that unifies the bounded functions
and controls how <f3> works...

By the way, speaking of variables, did you notice this (the function)?


It is intented as a lisp-ish alternative to customize - it creates a
"*Elisp hyperlinks*" buffer that gives a way of changing the variable
`ee-hyperlink-prefix'... its contents looks like this:

  # (ee-hyperlink-prefix)
  # (setq ee-hyperlink-prefix "# ")

By editing the `setq' line and running it we can change the value of
the variable, and the first line of the buffer contains a sexp that
regenerates the buffer; as `ee-hyperlink-prefix' controls the prefix
of each line - "# " by default - it we change it with

  # (ee-hyperlink-prefix)
  # (setq ee-hyperlink-prefix ";; ")

and run the setq and then run the (ee-hyperlink-prefix) again we get:

  ;; (ee-hyperlink-prefix)
  ;; (setq ee-hyperlink-prefix ";; ")

The current code for the `ee-hyperlink-prefix' function is ugly - it's
in eev-insert.el, that has several warnings about ugliness - but I
have some ideas of macros to make it better... it uses a function
called `find-elinks', whose first argument is a list of "hyperlinks"
in a certain very bad format, that is "flattened" by `ee-flatten'
before being converted to a string... I just saw a way of using "@"s
inside backquotes to make this format much better...

  More soon,

P.S.: Documenting `ee-hyperlink-prefix', cleaning `find-elinks' and
unifying the steppers - or at least discussing that - were three of
the (handful of) things that I wanted to do before re-submitting eev
to the GNU people... it's getting closer, finally...

-- - Same, same, but differentÂ…

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