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[eev] eepitch (or: eethrow was added to eev)

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: [eev] eepitch (or: eethrow was added to eev)
Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2006 13:00:41 -0200

Hi Rubikitch and list,

I'm lagging far behind, I haven't even tried all the code that has
been posted to the list in the last weeks... but anyway:

I have just added a modified version of `eethrow' to eev.el. Here is a
direct link to the new code:

The first change is that I made the code a bit less fragile: now when
the target buffer is not visible typing <f8> shows it (the buffer)
again, and even recreates it when needed. I *think* that the way in
which I implemented that will also work (after some extensions) for
splitting the frame in more than two windows, and for having several
target buffers, like what is done in:

The second change is the name, from "throw" to "pitch". "Throw"
reminds me of:

  (info "(elisp)Catch and Throw")

which is totally unrelated to what we are doing... I asked a native
English speaker (Dto) about action verbs that corresponded to the
image that I had in my mind - something like hitting a baseball ball
very hard with a stick, aiming at a specific direction - and he
suggested the words "pitch" and "hurl"; I felt that "eepitch" sounded
a bit better than "eehurl", and "eehurl" could be too weird and too
distracting for non-native speakers... also "pitching" suggests (to
me) more precision than "hurling"... Well, I'm hoping that if we add
musical extensions to eev someday we won't regret that the name
"eepitch" is already taken...

The third change is that I added docstrings, including an example of
usage. One line of them - see
  or (find-efunctiondescr 'eepitch-this-line)

is this:

   (message (format "%S" `(eepitch ,eepitch-code)))

Maybe `M-h <f8>' should reconstruct a line like

   (eepitch (shell))

either in a temporary buffer, or inserting it at point... but I need
to experiment with that. By the way, the help page (`M-?') hasn't been
updated yet...

  Cheers, more soon,

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