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[eev] Problem installing eev

From: Xavier Maillard
Subject: [eev] Problem installing eev
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 03:00:15 +0200
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Ok I tried to install eev and I am ending up with:

address@hidden 23:17:44 eev-current]$   ./eev-rctool prepare
  Creating dir: /home/xma/.eev/
  Creating:     /home/xma/.eev/README
  Not changing: /home/xma/.eev/HELP
  Not changing: /home/xma/.eev/
  Not changing: /home/xma/.eev/tmp.tex
  Creating dir: /home/xma/.eev/backup/
  Creating:     /home/xma/.eev/backup/
  Creating:     /home/xma/.eev/backup/
  Backup:  /home/xma/.bashrc  ->  /home/xma/.eev/backup/.bashrc.backup
  Creating:     /home/xma/.eev/backup/
  Creating:     /home/xma/.eev/backup/
./eev-rctool: line 395: /home/xma/.eev/backup/.bashrc.backup: No such file or 

Actually, my bashrc file is a link to ~/etc/bashrc. I do not know
why it would not backup my bashrc even in that situation.

Help would be appreciated here.

Thank you,


P.S: is there some sort of a Git repository of the best eev
scripts and/or extensions/improvements ?

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