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Re: [eev] Repository of the best escripts

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: Re: [eev] Repository of the best escripts
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008 18:57:15 -0200

Hi Xavier,

> Are there any people interested in having a "community git
> repository" of our best productions (even if a escript could be
> quite "personnal") ?

I am very interested! I have some very good e-scripts scattered at
<>, but they are buried among megabytes of
mess... May I help? :-)

The htmlizer that I use for the files at is still at
least 90% undocumented, but I've been changing it lately to try to
make it easier to use. Can you try this and tell me if it works?

  rm -Rv /tmp/blogme3/
  mkdir  /tmp/blogme3/
  cd     /tmp/blogme3/
  tar -xvzf blogme3.tgz
  make   2>&1 | tee om

  rm -Rv /tmp/escripts/
  mkdir  /tmp/escripts/
  cd     /tmp/escripts/
  /tmp/blogme3/a2html        lua-intro.e
  # Now browse:
  # file:///tmp/escripts/lua-intro.e.html
  # file:///tmp/escripts/index.html

  Eduardo Ochs

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