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Re: [eev] eev and terminals (console)

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: Re: [eev] eev and terminals (console)
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008 20:57:06 -0200

Hi Xavier,

> I am reconsidering using eev for my daily work as a DBA. I am
> playing most of the time into linux console sending orders to
> several DB servers either using my local client or by connecting
> onto them through telnet/ssh.
> Is there some way to "command" a linux terminal (console) with
> the help of eev ?

There are several ways... there's "eechannel" and "eexterm", but they
require Expect, xterm, and some set-ups; you can find some
documentation about them here:

The links in the "[See also: ...]" line just below the title of the
section are probably the best part.

If the clients that you are going to use to connect to the DB servers
don't send weird control characters to the terminal, then I guess that
"eepitch" and its derivatives will work better...

There is some documentation on eepitch at:

and recent versions of eev-current come with several flavors of
`eepitch-somewhere' already defined:
  (find-efunction 'eepitch-shell)

Also, some of the `find-xxx-links' functions generate buffers that
have not only hyperlinks but also some eepitch blocks... try:

  (find-psne-links "";)

and a quick way to create a block like

  * (eepitch-xxx)
  * (eepitch-kill)
  * (eepitch-xxx)

is to type just "xxx" on a line, they type `M-T' (i.e., `M-S-t' -
"meta-upeercase-t"). That only works with very recent versions of
eev-current. though.

Which DBs do you use? It would be nice to have some eepitch functions
like, say, `eepitch-pgtestdb1', in some example scripts... I just
checked my files with notes about mysql, postgres and sqlite, and the
examples there were all written before I started to use eepitch for
everything... 8-/

  Eduardo Ochs

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