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[eev] Making demo with eev ?

From: xma
Subject: [eev] Making demo with eev ?
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 2009 07:12:48 +0100


I am planning to demo some cool stuff on my next local LUG

We usually do this using documents but I want to
change that and use my "own presentation tool" that is to say:

What I will present is ikiwiki (a wiki compiler) and I am pretty
sure I can take advantage of eev to do both the presentation part
and the "technical demo" part.

Do you have recommendations on doing such thing ? I mean what
should I do (and not do) to make the presentation interesting,
clear and funny ?

I know there are already packages (emacs mode I mean) to do
presentation via emacs but I really want to show both ikiwiki,
emacs and obviously eev.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Xavier Maillard

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